About Us.

The UBCO Video Game Development Club is the best place to learn about and participate in game development at the University of British Columbia Okanagan. It is run by some of UBCO's finest students, all of which are passionate about the art of game development and love to teach, learn, and collaborate. Throughout the school year, we run events to encourage people to make video games, play video games, and overall have fun. Don't know how to make a video game, but want to learn? You're welcome here as well! We run workshops and other events to help people learn how to make games, and have an amazing mentorship program to help you along the way.

Come meet us on Discord, or any of our other social medias:

Our Team

Kurtis Knodel


Logan Parker

Vice President

Jaden Balogh

Project Manager

Cake Ferdays

Creative Director

Jasmine Mishra

Event Coordinator

Utkarsh Agarwal