We make games. You can too!

Interested in making games? The UBCO Video Game Development Club is the perfect resource to help develop your game dev skills.

Through the year, we run workshops, post challenges, and host game jams for all skill levels and areas of game development - from coding, to art, to music. Furthermore, our Discord community offers a friendly environment where you can ask questions, meet fellow aspiring game developers, and collaborate on projects. Come chat with us and start your game dev journey today!

Our Projects

You can find a full list of our projects on our GitHub organization.

Gravity Box

All you've got is a rocket launcher. How long can you survive?


Explore the depths of space, visit unknown planets, and use all the tools at your disposal in a desperate attempt to stay awake...

Unhappy Bird

It's like Flappy Bird, but sad!

Prison Break

Escape from a seemingly neverending prison complex - but beware the obstacles you may face...

Vortex Explorer

Navigate through a deadly asteroid field, armed only with the power of vortexes to guide your ship to safety.

Ruins of Tyrrazza

Play as a powerful force-wielding mage and defeat an ancient evil in this fantasy top-down adventure game.